Our Story

Early beginnings

Layetri started out in 2015 with now producer LayetriP writing a song for a school assignment. He realized that this song could be much more than just some lost time in a classroom and decided to put it on Piapro for people to find it and help him developing it. Lyricist Takahiro was first to reply and this event marked the beginning of teamLayetri. After completing and releasing their first single, “Answer to My Feelings” on February 14, 2016, the two started looking for more people to join the team and found illustrator Lewis and tuner Giutli. A month later, model Youya also joined the team.

Good Girl’s Wish and other shenanigans

The group, then consisting of nine members, continued to create new music and released the single “Good Girl’s Wish” in August of the same year. This single was Layetri’s first charity song and went on to be the group’s most live-played song so far. It is also featured on their album “147” in a remade version exclusive to the album. The same was done for the song “Answer to My Feelings”.

First EP

What was meant to become a full studio album ended up being the group’s first EP: “500001”. The short release featured four songs, due to time constraints and other issues, mainly on the musical end. This album also featured saxophonist Daniël van Wijck in an unforgettable sax solo in the song “Doesn’t Change at All”, as well as the team’s most popular song till this date, “Human’s Need is Love”. While making this album, producer LayetriP posted on his blog, giving insight in the process of making a Vocaloid album.


After taking a break, the team silently got back to work and completed their first actual studio album dubbed “147” (pronounced one forty seven). This album got released on July 14, 2017, and is the first album with music only by LayetriP, including all instrumentals, solos and Vocaloid tuning (except for the remakes, which were tuned by Giutli). Inspiration for making this new album was LayetriP’s good friend Naomi, who suffers from brain cancer and is a huge Vocaloid fan. The producer started working on a song for her, which eventually became “Goranyo” and marked the start of creating a new album.


The team’s current members are:
  • LayetriP – music producer and tuner
  • Cory – lyricist and music producer
  • Takahiro178 – lyricist
  • IciaChan – illustrator
  • Cyren – animator
  • Youya – model
  • ThePascalboy – dev guru
  • yume – illustrator and inspirational stone
More information about all the team members can be found at the “The Team” page.